12 October 2010

To Prologue or not to Prologue...that is the question

You know, I had this snazzy idea of a prologue for this new WIP. Start with a grandfather telling his grandson and a few of the kid's buddies this story. And the story was going to set up the whole book. I was just having a little trouble tying it into the rest of the book. Then I read this agent's blog about whether to use a prologue or not and the wind went out of my sails.

And as I type this, my brain is going over the idea and the more I think about it, the more I think I've just talked myself out of doing one. After all, if I'm having problems trying to tie it into the rest of the book, that should have been my first clue, huh?

Prologue doesn't belong. I know where to start now. Prologue gone and I can use the character again later. Oooooo, in fact, I think I just figured out how.

I'm diving back in the pool tonight, fellow babies. You'll see an excerpt up here very soon.

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