25 June 2010

Shall I speak again?

These days, I have so little to say. And so few who want to read it. But, every so often that changes. And here I am.

The whirlwind of my life. Let's see...

1. Finished the final rewrites of Wilde Mountain Time--again. But the story is tighter for losing the subplot. And I dropped the word count down to about 120K, so this is a very good thing. And a very lovely lady--a professional editor--is going over it for me. We differ on style sometimes, but she knows her stuff so I'm content to listen to her suggestions and make changes that I feel are beneficial. Most of her suggestions. I draw the line at making dialogue "grammatically correct." And considering that the prose tends to be from the characters' POV, I tend to leave it informal with contractions included. But, like I said, she knows her stuff. Those are style differences, nothing more. I'm just grateful for the help. She's already caught a few missing words and a misspelling or two.

2. In the meantime, I'm still doing the Query Dance. Sending out e-queries for now. Saving money on postage and saving trees. That alone appeals to my greener nature. Now, if I can just get someone to read the damn manuscript.

3. And, whilst doing that dance, I'm plotting the next. If there's a running theme of my life, it's always been lifting the rock that hides the definitions of religion, God, and faith--and allows me to play with those definitions. Watched an interesting tv show on the History Channel that raised questions in my head and pointed me in a direction. And that's all you're going to get for now. ;-)

4. The column goes well. I'm doing quite nicely. I'll never take the world by storm but I'll pay for my website and maybe my coffee on a monthly bases. And if it sells a few books, I'm good.

5. Which leads to the only negative in this--the publisher dropped me. I'm not upset about it. In fact, quite the opposite. My contract with the original publisher said that they would send review copies at no charge to me. The publisher that bought out the original refused to honor that part of my contract and tried to charge me for them. So, no...I didn't pay for them. I got dropped. You know what? Fine. My book will be coming out in a reprint edition for ebook and print. And we'll see what happens. And I'm glad to be shut of the publisher who wouldn't do what they promised. I realize that small publishers are limited. I realize that authors are expected to do a great deal of their own marketing. But I also expect and realize that a publisher needs to live up to its contractual obligations and not blame me for their own failings. If you can't do your marketing, I don't have any use for you. If you're going to make me do it all, I don't need you.

So, keep watching here, my dear ones, for information on the reprint edition of A Wager of Blood and how to get a copy.

Have a lovely day!


Chris Catledge said...

Keep plugging away. I enjoy reading about the writing lives of others.

Nicole said...

Sounds like you're lucky to be rid of that publisher! Good luck :) and if you do an 'advertising post' for your first book when it comes out in e-book let me know and I'll link a post on my blog to it :)