26 May 2010

Wednesday's Random Thoughts

There's a lesson here, you know. I'm not sure what it is, but there is a lesson here.

Lady Songbird sends me a link to a very interesting article about the new/old Mark Twain autobiography. I'm still not sure how she found it, but she found it and shared. When I read it, it had only just been released to the news wire. So I ran with it. The first day, I had 350 hits on the page. I was doing a happy happy joy joy dance. I'm happy when I hit 50 hits but 300 more than that? Big dance. Then I got in there today to post one of today's articles. I damn near hit the floor. I had 6,698 hits on the page yesterday. Needless to say, I'm about to get one hell of a paycheck. I also got bumped into the most popular column category. When I get my jaw picked up off the floor, I'll let you know.

On top of the 350 hits yesterday and being number one, I checked out my WeBook page where I'm posting the rewrites of Wilde Mountain Time. There's a comment on that page from a Janice Phelps. Took me a moment before I realized who she is--I just reviewed a couple of the books for her publishing company, Lucky Press LLC. She's a publisher. She loved WMT's prologue. She says I have some dialogue issues to fix in the first chapter. She also says WMT has promise. Ah, dear Goddess Brighid...encouragement and hope. Wonder if I'll get lucky there. I can hope...right?

And I got to interview a friend, Lucy A Snyder. She's the wife of my dearest friend, Gary A Braunbeck. His interview will be coming in a few days.

So, there's a lesson there. About perseverence. Or doing things right the first time. Or second time. Or whatever. Or maybe not. But I think the hard work is paying off. If I really want this to be my career, I mean. Wow, can this week get any better?

Peace out!

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