18 May 2010

I'll Never Admit You're Right, You Know....

So, I put my query letter up here for WMT (Wilde Mountain Time, the latest "work in progress."). Put it on a couple of places, really. Sent it to a couple of email groups I'm on. All in the name of trying to garner critique on the content of the query--how it was worded, whether it was boring, did it instill desire to read. You know, was it a good query.

Instead, I got maybe two or three comments about the content and everyone else harping about the damn word count. Pissed me off. That's not what I asked for. Especially since I know damn good and well that a 145K word count does get picked up by all manner of publishers. Pissed me off, I say!

And then I got off my high horse, decided I needed to look at the damn manuscript with an open mind and think about it.

Okay, I could probably lose the subplot with Missy and Walt and their issues of jealousy and insecurity and all that. Doesn't really add to the story I'm trying to tell, even though I thought it explained these two characters well and drew Jo and Thom into their issues. But, okay, I could probably take that out. That would cut things a bit. And it would keep poor Missy from being a bit of a villain. I mean, I know it's just because she's young and childlike but my three readers thought she was coming off as a bit of a twit and a home wrecker...which wasn't my intention at all. So, losing the subplot would salvage Missy's reputation.

Fine...I'll cut the damn subplot.

The good news is that, in the rewrite to lose that, I have definitely cut 20K words off this so far. That brings the word count to a manageable 125K words. But I'm only halfway through and that may come down a bit more. The better news is that Missy is getting better press and she's not the silly little flibbertygibbit that she started out being. The even better news is that I'm finding typos, missing words, and other booboos that I missed on the last rewrite/polish/re-edit. The absolute best news is that it tightened up the plot a great deal. I like it a whole lot better. When I can read something and not believe that I'm the one that wrote it...that's a good thing.

But I will never EVER admit you all were right. Nope, not gonna do it. No admissions.

Even though you are.

*sigh* Damn it.

PS...I'm looking for readers to go critique the book as I post. I don't know if you have to join WeBook or not to be able to comment. But the link to WMT is >>CLICK ME<<.

Peace out!

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