05 February 2010

Okay; this is me giving in

I think part of my irritation is that I'm just sooooooooooo sick of looking at this damn story. I love it, I really do. I think it's a great story and I truly believe in it. But if I have to read it ONE MORE DAMN TIME, I think I'm gonna puke. In fact, I know I will. Blow chunks all over the keyboard. Technicolor yawn decorating my desk and monitor--I keep the CPU in a different place, so its safe. For now.

But what really irritates me is when I ask for thoughts, help, critique on the format of the query letter and all I get back is "your book's too long, no one will ever buy it." Uh, I didn't ask that. And how do you know I didn't just pull a figure out of the air for the purpose of putting something there? (Just for the record, I didn't. The book really does weigh in at 143K words) What about the query format? And what do you mean it won't sell? Diana Gabaldon sold her first book at 180K words. And she's not the only one. SOMEONE is buying 'em that big and mine's a baby comparatively speaking. WHAT ABOUT MY QUERY FORMAT????

No, people are totally hung up on the word count. Fine, I give up.

Okay, to be perfectly fair, that is part of the process. Seeking the wisdom and guidance of those in the field, those who have the knowledge and experience. I am nowhere near that point yet and it behooves me to listen to them. It still didn't answer the question I asked, mind, but I need to get off my high horse and listen. Accept what's being said here. In other words, get over myself big time and accept the fact that just because someone's buying them doesn't mean they'll buy this one. And unless I get an agent willing to push the crap out of getting me a publisher that WILL buy it that big....

Besides, Stephen King was a huge bestseller by the time The Stand came along and he was told to shave 300 pages off that puppy before it would be published. If he can do it...so can I.

So, I acquiesce. I give up, give in, give over. And the more I think about it, the more I see the wisdom in the statement. So, that's progress...right? And I know what to cut, I think. There's a subplot between the young couple--Missy and Walt--that sorta does slow things down a bit. Besides, no one likes Missy. I mean, *I* like her because I understand her. I think she carries a lot of me in her from when I was that age. And everyone liked me. But the story could survive nicely without that subplot and I don't need to completely lose the characters--I need them for the denouement, actually.

I accept your wisdom, my friends who care about my story and my welfare. I grump but the truth is, I do trust you. So...I have an edit job for this weekend that has to be done and sent back to the publisher. I've already created a new folder for the new rewrite and--PLEASE MOTHER BRIGHID--that should take care of it. The last rewrite and polish and round three of submissions can commence.

But dear Goddess, I am getting so sick of this story.

Peace, my friends.

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Alde said...

I know you're sick of the story, but I'm excited for the rewrites. I know that it's going to help the story, and I'm crossing my fingers that it helps to get the story in more hands!