25 January 2010

A Painful Lesson Learned

And no, Alde, my dear one...nothing to do with your latest posting. This is another lesson learned.

Those of us who write for a living or for enjoyment know about the pain of rewrites. You'll do it a TON on your own. Then, when you have an independent editor help you get it ready for query submission, you'll do it a ton more. Then, when you hit the motherlode and have your book accepted by agent or publisher, you'll do it a ton more for each of them. If you're like me, no matter how much you love your story, you will get so sick of the sound of your own voice, you'll want to puke if you have to look at that damn thing one more time.

I got that way with A Wager of Blood when I went through the process with that book. I'm getting that way with Wilde Mountain Time.

I had originally posted it on WeBook's site as I was doing what I **thought** was the final rewrite and polish edit. When I was done, I thanked my readers for helping me improve the story and removed it. Then, WeBook started up the new service called "Agent in a Box" where you can query agents through their service. Some big name agents too, all members of the AAR.

Problem is, I had to put the manuscript back up there so that potential agents could read it. And I decided that a statement made in my query letter was going to waste since I never actually had the character do the action. A prologue and a wee bit of tweaking on a few chapters and I could send my baby out on its merry way, to be looked at by agent and publisher alike.

Surprise, surprise...I missed some things in the first chapter. Then found, I'd missed some things in the second chapter. And the fourth. Damn it, not only will I be tweaking a little here and there, I'm also going to have to do ANOTHER edit of this manuscript to pick up what I missed in the way of misspellings, grammar issues, missing words, words that didn't get removed.

I am sooooooooo sick of this story about now.

Welcome to the wonderful world of writing.

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