19 January 2010

I can haz inspiration!

I was inspired last week.

My friend, Alde, has been posting a blog of healthy, tasty recipes. Delicious recipes that make your mouth water just to see the pictures. Make my tongue yearn to absorb the flavors.

And...after seeing the signs on the street and on the side of the building where I do my grocery shopping--and having gotten to extreme and unhealthy butterball size--I bit the bullet and spent the money to join a gym. Fitness19, to be exact. If you join before the gym is built, you get a special rate. After paying my set up/joining fees, my monthly cost will be $9 a month...for as long as I remain a member.

I'm going to get exercise and use Alde's recipes and some of my own. It's time to get fit and to a healthy weight. Not this year, but next summer--the summer of 2011--I intend to be joining Lady Songbird and her hubby for the walk up Mt. Washington. And I must get in shape to do that. They hold the Seek the Peak "walk-a-thon" in July of every year to raise money for the Mt. Washington Observatory. Next year...I'll be there. You watch. And you'd best be ready to donate some cash! ;-)

So thanks, Alde, for the inspiration! I'd been wanting to do this for a while and now I'm doing it. Thank you!

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Alde said...

I wish you all the luck. I know you've wanted to do this for a while. Thanks for the shameless plug (second one). I hope that you continue to enjoy the recipes that I post!!