17 January 2010

A Chapter Excerpt

The current WIP. The Morrigan. Here's a taste of the latest chapter.

I heard a slight click and saw that the funeral director had closed the coffin lid. But my mind was already back on the locket. The message. Old Lady Chester! Now! Of fucking course. How could I miss that? How?


I didn’t give a shit who saw; I took his face in my hands and kissed him with everything in me. I tasted his tongue and sucked it into my mouth. I kissed him until the breath in my body had seeped into his lungs and then I let him go. When I sat back, his eyes were round and his mouth stayed open.

“Go; go with your family. They need you right now.” I pulled a piece of paper out of my purse and quickly wrote my phone number on it. I handed him the paper, saying, “Look. Right now, things are so complicated. I can’t begin to tell you how complicated.”

“Maybe I can help,” he protested.

“No, you can’t,” I told him, closing his mouth with one finger under his chin. “You can’t. But just give me a little time, okay? A couple of weeks . . . please? You need that time too, Joey. You gotta . . . you gotta be there for your dad and your family.”

He nodded, saying nothing but still watching me.

God, it would be so easy to just take him in a closet and fuck him, fuck him, fuck him, but I knew where Elliot was. And I got the ‘now’ part. I had to get rid of him and fast.

“You’ll know where I am, babe. Come see me in a couple of weeks, okay? Come find me.” I kissed him hard again and willed my clit to relax. “God, I want you. I want you here and now but it’s . . . it’s . . . .”



He stroked my face and smiled. “Okay. As long as this isn’t a ditch or anything.”

I smiled back. “A ditch? Not bloody likely. Christ, you have me wet and throbbing. No way I’m ditching you.”

“Okay. Two weeks.”

Nodding, I sat back. “Two weeks.” I handed him the glass and stood up. “I, uh . . . .” I took another deep breath. “Look, you go with your family and save me a seat, okay? I gotta go make a phone call. Then, I’ll be right there.”

He stood up with me. “Okay.”

“Save me a seat. I’ll be there.”

He smiled and moved off to join his dad and brothers. And I watched him go, watched that sweet ass of his as the fabric of his trousers gave and relaxed against the globes. The heat was leaving my crotch and I was slowly getting it back together again.

Old Lady Chester! Now! I knew exactly what it was, I got the message that fast. I remembered darkness . . . an ounce of grass hidden in a coffin . . . and a dead cop. Yeah, I knew exactly where he was. I stepped into the ladies’ room and waited until everyone had left for the funeral next door. When I was sure they were all gone, I went back into the bowels of the place, back where they kept the bodies in the coffins before they were carried out for viewing.

I wasn’t disappointed. He was standing by one in particular. He heard me come in and turned slowly to see me.

Elliot had a hard look on his face, grinning in that sadistic way of his. “You’re late.”

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