28 January 2010

Agent in a Box???

Why does that sound like a bad joke? I has an Agent in a Box! Better let him out!

I'm not sure if I've ever spoken about this here, but I'm part of WeBook, having joined a year or so ago. Two of my mates and I were working on--a sort of "pick up a WIP that you've abandoned and finish it" sort of project--and we wanted a way to keep track of each other's progress. At the time, we didn't think much above having a place to post it and maybe someone(s) would like to read along.

Somewhere along the line, after we'd finished and edited and polished, WeBook added this lovely feature called Agent in a Box. The idea is take your ready manuscript to agents and WeBook will submit them for you. You sign up, follow the steps, enter your query letter, whatever is needed for each particular agent, and submit. WeBook staff will look at your submission, make sure you've dotted the i and crossed the t, and make the submission.

I figured, what the hey. It's extra help and I have nothing to lose. Which is where I sit right now. I put Wilde Mountain Time in the Agent in a Box. I hit one roadblock and that was because the staffer that looked at my sub said I needed to change the genre I was submitting to. S/he though my book fit the "mystery/thriller" genre more than "romance," but to list "romance" as the subgenre. I would disagree but, maybe I'm wrong. I know that part of my problem at getting the story looked at was a bad query letter. A lovely agent I know was kind enough to look at my query and help me fix it. Maybe the other part was because I had the wrong genre. I know what I set out to write but I also know that the story took a turn. So, maybe it stopped being a "romance novel" (go on, Alde, you know you want to say it) and it became a "mystery/thriller" story.

At this point, after making that change, WeBook has sent my query on to three agents. I'm waiting with bated breath now to see what happens. And tomorrow is a full moon. Hmmmm...I need a green candle and some drawing energy. Think good thoughts for me. :-)

Hmmm, maybe I need to put some holes in the box. Whatcha think?

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