28 December 2009

I stand resolved...

New Year's Resolutions just don't do it for me. We all make 'em and then never stick to a damn one of 'em. How discouraging. So, I decided that this year, I wasn't making resolutions that are meaningless and worthless.

This year, I make goals. I like goals. Goals don't make me feel like a frigging failure if I don't get to them. Goals don't make me feel worthless if I don't succeed. Goals aren't unrealistic expectations. Goals are just that; something to try for and if you don't...? Feh, that's today, there's always tomorrow.

Jesse's Goals for 2010

  1. Getting some exercise is a good thing. Get the stationary bike out and start riding. When the weather improves, I'm going to walk every night for 30 - 40 minutes.
  2. Start eating a more healthy diet. Doesn't mean I can be bad every so often--just not every day. More fish;more vegetables--green and leafy, raw, good for me stuff; less starch; no more prepackaged foods.
  3. Finish a new book this year.
That's it. Those are my goals. Anything else I do is icing on the cake. But those are my goals for this year.

What are yours?

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