20 November 2009

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Maaaaaaaaaaaaan, I couldn't wait to see it. The midnight showing of New Moon. I had my ticket a month in advance. I've been so psyched ever since. And last night, finally arrived.

New Moon  was light years better than Twilight! Amazing what a good director can do for a movie. Chris Weicz did a fantastic job with what he was given. There were still some issues that he should have worked on but over all, the movie was so much better.

Pacing is still slow; it needed to be picked up just a little. Awkward dialogue goes on with huge dramatic pauses that you could drive a minivan through--an improvement over the mack truck pauses but still slow.

Script was a bit better--THANK YOU FOR HAVING MORE OF THE CULLEN FAMILY!!! It's about damn time. A scene from Twilight was moved to New Moon and I suspect it's become someone clued in Melissa Rosenberg that the information was a bit crucial!! At least she didn't leave out the important bits of New Moon. I know, you can't include everything. Quite true. But stuff that's really important to the plot and future books would be nice.

Kristen Stewart still can't act her way out of a wet paper back. But even I must admit, she did a better job this time. She has a better grasp of her character, her major stammering her lines problem is still there but not as badly as before. Now it looks like what it is--awkward, shy teenage girl. Now, if the next director can get her to tone it down a little more and to stop trying to be so bloody obvious that she's trying to play an awkward, shy teenage girl...that would be MASSIVE improvement.

Supposedly--according to rumor--there's a major off screen thang between Stewart and her on screen love interest, Robert Pattinson. You know what? I don't believe it. Because if there really was, the on screen chemistry would be a hell of a lot more palpable. I still don't see it here, folks. There's more sizzle between Bella and Jacob than there is between Bella and Edward!

But, like I said...INFINITELY better in this one. Key points:

Stewart was actually better as Bella. I'll be the first person to admit it.

More Cullen family; Jasper came out a lot better this time with more dialogue, giving a chance to see that the guy isn't perennially constipated or in pain. Eclipse will bring up Jasper's back story. Let's hope Rosenberg doesn't give him short shrift on that one.

Breakout star Taylor Lautner stood up to his more famous co-stars and held his own! I was very impressed with this young man. Poise and intelligence on the red carpet, loads of talent on screen; this one is an actor to watch. Hopefully, he won't get typecast as Bella's werewolf. If he's smart, he'll start doing other things in between.

A bigger budget and the special effects were scintillating and scary. Those werewolves freaked my stuff out a lot. They're bleeding HUUUUUUUUUGE and looked so real. Right down to the ripples in the muscles when they snarled at Edi Gathegi's Laurent. And never once did I see the rims of a vamp's contact lenses.

Anything with Michael Sheen and Graham Greene and I'm there. Greene took what was tantamount to a throwaway role and made it into something worth watching. Greene played doomed Harry Clearwater, Charlie Swan's fishing buddy. I love Graham Greene and have since Dancing with Wolves.

Michael Sheen has Aro down so perfectly regal smarminess that just oozes with the underlying arrogance. So very well done! I love and adore Michael Sheen.

Wolf pack...BITCHING BODS! Great acting. They are a pack! And I want that tattoo!!

Volturi...oh man, perfect casting. Great ensemble.

The action was tense and INtense and kept on going! The flow of the action made up for the slow pacing in the other scenes. The denoument in Volterra, Itally was...<grin> no spoilers. You'll just have to go watch.

Overall, my faith is restored somewhat. The movie is still a bit flawed but vastly improved and definitely worth watching and having on DVD. I'm going back on Sunday morning to watch it again, away from the tweenyboppers who spent a lot of time gasping over first Lautner and then Pattinson removing the shirts--which was actually quite funny. The fans reactions, not the shirt removal.

I'm giving The Twilight Saga: New Moon a good solid 4 out of 5 stars. Improvement over all but still needs some work.

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