22 November 2009

Further Thoughts on New Moon

So, I went to see it again. I had to. Just to get further perspective.

1. I'll probably piss off the Bella-ites out there, but Kristen Stewart is just...<sigh>. That child is immature as an actor and has all of the emotional depth of a paper plate. Everything was played on one level, no variations in intensity. Yes, she was vastly improved in this movie but she still hasn't learned the first rule in the thespian profession--Acting is REacting. Stop calculating, stop trying to orchestrate, just be. Just react. And find some levels.

2. There are long drawn out pauses in the stuttered dialogue that are just prolongued boredom. Why didn't the director curtail that? Granted, he finally got characters out of the actors and he bothered to read the books and get a grasp of his material. And I appreciate a director that respects his actors. But geebus cripes, I counted five full seconds between the last two pieces of dialogue in the whole film. If he was going for dramatic pause, it was overdone!!!

Ok, that's really it. Honest. Because, I gotta tell ya; something happened on this film that didn't happen on Twilight. I'm sitting here, several hours later, and I want to go see this movie again. I did NOT want to see Twlight again. But I have this overwhelming desire to go back and see New Moon again. I want to read the books again and I want to see this movie again. That's a good thing! When I'm borderline obsessed with this film. I want to go back, sit in the dark with my popcorn, and get lost in it again.

One hell of a cast; even with Kristen Stewart (if they can teach her how to do her craft, she's not bad). Watching the wolf pack together again; they all moved as one, thought as one, they became the pack. The Volturi were scary and intimidating. I'll say it again, Graham Greene took a throwaway role and made it an integral part of that movie and a needed part of the story. More for the family to be part of, as well.

There was just so much better about this film. Chris Weitz did an excellent job! I can't wait for next summer when Eclipse is here. And now, I think I'm going to pull my books out again. It's time for a Twilight re-read!

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