07 September 2009

What is the problem??

I'll be honest--I didn't originally want to vote for Obama. I wanted Hillary Clinton. I felt that she was the right person for the job, with the most experience in that atmosphere. I voted for Obama out of faith. Yup, nothing more than faith. And, the fact that I would have voted for Mickey Mouse before I'd have voted for Mccain. Especially after that disasterous choice of running mate. Especially after hearing him call his wife the "c" word during an argument. Especially after hearing a lot of his speechifying; enough to know this was Bush light and we'd had 8 years of that big mistake. Why would I want another 4 or 8?

But I had every intention of holding the light and mirror up to the new president. Just because I voted for him didn't mean I was going to blindly follow him, as his "disciples" did and do. But then he started saying things that made a great deal of sense. And he went WAY up in my estimation with his declaration of a "transparent government." And the closing of Gitmo. He was making some good points along the way. I was listening but withholding judgment.

So imagine my surprise when I now come to plead his case. About a speech.

Someone, please explain to me what the bullshit is all about with this speech? Hmm? Like every other president has never gone before students to talk to them. No one got this bent out of shape before...why now?

A speech encouraging the young folks in this country to stay in school. To place a value on education. To go and be more than their parents were--isn't that what every parent says? "I want you to be have better than I did." My parents said that to me. Everyone's parents have said that. But not everyone's parents have stressed the importance of education. Not everyone's parents have supported learning. They still don't. Is that why? Because here's someone who believes in the power of knowledge and education? Who worked hard for what he got and how he got where he is today? Is that the problem?

Goddess forbid we should encourage our children to get degrees, to have that knowledge that it takes to get ahead in this world. Goddess forbid that we should prepare our children for the technology ahead, the new world that we've been forging with that growing technology. Because then, Goddess help us, they might have open minds. They might see the world for what it really is. They might cast aside old prejudices in favor of new thoughts, new associations, new friends. They might stop believing in outmoded hatreds and actually believe that all men and women are created equal, that God doesn't really give a crap who they love, who they have sex/make love with, as long as that love is shared with their fellow beings. They might actually believe that religion is not a weapon to bash and debase their fellow humans. That Yeheshua and Zeus and Allah and Brighid actaully love us without reservation, without restriction, without threats. They might get us truly on the way to world peace and cooperation.

Maybe that's the real reason they're bitching about that speech. And I say, PREACH IT, BROTHER OBAMA!!

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Lorrieann said...

HEAR HEAR! I could NOT believe the stupidity coming from my radio and these weepy weazy women spouting "oh we can't have our kids forcibly exposed to his 'libral' rhetoric." Excuse me?

When is it 'libral' to encourage education? And like you said, is this the first president to ever address students? NO IT IS NOT.

It is no secret how I felt about the last damninistration, but I would have never kept my kid home from school because there was the chance he might hear a speach by the president.

See, what I did, was teach my sons to have an open mind, think for themselves, and actually let them know that there are *gasp* people with other views, races, and religions, in the world and that he would be encountering many in his life time. I did not bring him up in a conservative bubble wrap.

I also told him that once in a while, he was going to have to lose, be disappointed, not get his way, and by the way, the real world out there does not give a damn about your self esteem and you do not get 'participation points' with the boss if you don't actually perform well.

Ghastly isn't isn't it.